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The Gulf Today | Inculcate the habit of reading

Arshiah Parween gets an insight into the importance of encouraging children to read from a few attendees of the Knowledge Summit 2016 held in Dubai.

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The Gulf Today | A reader's delight

Arshiah Parween gets candid with British author Ann Morgan during the recently concluded Knowledge Summit 2016 held in Dubai

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The Hindu

For a great marriage, men must cook - The Hindu

For a great marriage, men must cook - The Hindu

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The tricky question of GCC's over-reliance on energy subsidies is ...

The tricky question of GCC's over-reliance on energ...

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GCC Women: Challenging Stereotypes

GCC women are playing a positive role in shaping a more tolerant attitude towards Arab
women. Since the rapid progress of GCC countries due to the oil boom, their women
have been fast engaging in all aspects of society, and thereby challenging stereotypes that
continue to haunt them...

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The Gulf Today | The big push forward

At first glance, the Mars Mission seems all about space and scientific explorations. But dig a little deeper, the mission does not just have the potential to become a treasure house of scientific knowledge but could give a “big push forward to the Arab world’’.

Thought Catalog

I'm Getting Really Tired Of Hearing About Rape Stories | Thought ...

Not reading a rape story has become a rarity these days. To be very honest, rarest of the rarities, is it not?

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“Invisible” White-Collar Indians in the Gulf | Middle East Institute

“Invisible” White-Collar Indians in the Gulf. By Arshiah Parween | Freelance Writer - Your Middle East | Aug 14, 2013 ......

Middle East Institute - Challenging Stereotypes: Educational Aspirations of Emirati and ...

By Arshiah Parween | Freelance Writer - Your Middle East | Feb 28, 2013. Stereotypes of Muslim women abound. Muslim...

The Gulf Today | Letters to the Editor

True love is beautiful but rare

While going through the newspaper, a particular article left my heart pounding. The article is about the love story of Muzaffar Khan and Ayesha Bibi (“No boundaries: Woman tells 70-year-old love tale”, June 6, The Gulf Today).

All relationships are beautiful. But some happen to be carved, maybe, with a little more care, with a little more beauty put into it. I believe Ayesha’s love story is one of those.

The Gulf Today | Letters to the Editor

UAE a beacon of hope

At a time when the Middle East is witnessing intense civil and political turmoil, it gives a great sense of relief to see the UAE emerge as the world’s most trusted nation ( “UAE most trusted nation by its residents: Report”, April 25, The Gulf Today).

The Edelman report is heartening but at the same not something that’s astonishing. The UAE’s leadership’s lofty envisioning and the timely and effective executions of its plans have brought about a spectacular transformation of the country.

The Gulf Today | Letters to the Editor

Sharjah is uniquely attractive

When I first came to Sharjah just a month ago, I often found myself among many excited tourists in malls and restaurants. So I am not surprised to know that Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) has high hopes regarding Sharjah’s tourism sector.

The Gulf Today | Be grateful to God for everything!

Sincere gratitude towards God is a state, when you recognise deep down in your soul, that the Almighty who is the most wise and loving, has plans, that’s truly the best for you.

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Your middle east

Kuwait: Wake up!

I am deeply attached to Kuwait. Perhaps because of the early and carefree days that I spent there, or perhaps...